Eco Glass & Aluminum Recovery


Our program offers free disposal bins, and collection of glass bottles and aluminum cans from condos, apartments, hotels, and restaurants across Toronto. Placing an EGAR bin at your location will reduce waste and your annual cost of waste collection.

Did you know that over 250,000,000 glass bottles and aluminum cans end up in the landfill every year in Ontario? That’s more than 100,000 tons of waste. Millions of your tax dollars are being spent on this.

EGAR is dedicated to reducing the amount of alcohol empties in Toronto going to landfill, to be properly recycled or reused. This will highly reduce the extreme pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that affect us. It will also reduce the city and provincial costs (your tax dollars) being used to ship waste around and out of the province.

Restaurant owners and property managers:

Please contact us if you’d like us to drop off an EGAR bin to your building/restaurant. We’re happy to accommodate drop off.

Building residents:

Please contact us if you’re interested in having a free EGAR bin dropped off at your building and if your property manager is on board.